We now have several ROMs available for download.

Note: all ROMs have been tested with the jzintv emulator and the LTO Flash! multicart. Several of these ROMs utilize technical features that may not be present in other emulators/multicarts. They may work, but we cannot guarantee compatibility.

Desert Bus WILL NOT WORK with any emulator other than a recent version of jzintv.

More ROMs coming soon! Check back often.


Free ROMs: these can be downloaded directly.



pINg! ROM Download pINg! for free!
Tutorvision detection ROM – this will detect if you have a Tutorvision console. Also useful to see which Intellivision EXEC ROM you have. Download Tutorvision detector for free!
Desert Bus ROM – The classic 8 hour bus simulator, now available in ROM form! NOTE: If you are using a newer version of jzintv, you will have to have ecs.bin available as well as exec.bin and grom.bin. If you do not have ecs.bin, try running jzintv with “–ecs=0” on the command line to see if that helps. Download Desert Bus for free!
GoatNom ROM – Eat the food, dodge the junk. Although what IS junk to a goat, anyway? 4 exciting stages to nom your way through! Download GoatNom for free!
FW Diagnostics ROM – an all-in-one hardware diagnostics program. Test your controllers, video, and audio to make sure your Intellivision hardware is working as expected. Note that this contains the ability to test for a Tutorvision as well! Download FW Diagnostics for free!